Redux! (the newest store to carry our sweaters)

So more Redux, the newest store to carry our Greenfroggers dog sweaters!

Redux is a great charity in and of itself, as is an arm of and a fundraiser for St. Vincent de Paul. From the Redux site:

St. Vincent de Paul’s Alameda Retail Store has transformed into Redux Studios & Gallery, featuring artwork and merchandise made from reclaimed materials. Redux will divert waste from the landfill and bring a new dimension to SVdP recycling and reuse activities – promoting waste reduction and awareness of reuse through retail activities and “hands on” education:

Retail Store
Featuring handmade art and crafts made from salvaged and reclaimed materials by local artists.

Gallery Space
Displaying monthly exhibitions of art by SVdP Artists in Residence and more.

Artist Studio Space
Affordable work space for artists, especially those working with salvaged materials.

Community Arts workshops
We’ll host artist-led workshops on creative reuse for schools, groups and community members.

So when you buy one of our dog sweaters from Redux, the money I make from it goes to an animal shelter, and the money made at Redux goes towards alleviating poverty in the Bay Area. Basically, a huge win, win!

Redux is open Tuesday – Sunday from 11am-6:30pm. They are at 2315 Lincoln Avenue in Alameda (near the Park Street intersection). I hope you come check them out, even if you don’t need a dog sweater! They are a great find.  =)

Bonus doggie sweater shot:


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Dog sweaters available at a second location!


Our dog sweaters have found another location! Redux in Alameda is now carrying them too! More info to follow…

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Cute tags!

I had to share these on here because I worked so hard on them (okay, Ben did most of the work).

To see them in person, drop by Piper and John General Goods in Old Oakland!

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Our Dog Sweaters For Sale in Pop-Up Hood!

Great news! My doggie sweaters are now available at Piper & John General Goods store!

They are located at 465 9th Street in Old Oakland (near Broadway Street). A description from their Facebook page reads:

” ‘PIPER AND JOHN GENERAL GOODS’ is a market gallery space that will serve to showcase a variety of artisanal, local goods ranging from vintage clothing,local jewelry, handprinted paper merchandise, and a variety of novelty goods.”

And now they have adorable handmade, knitted dog sweaters made from recycled and/or donated yarn. And remember all proceeds from these sales will go to local animal shelters…so y0u have no excuse to not go down to Piper & John’s to pick one up for your pup!

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Ben’s triumphant return to scarf modeling…

Besides modeling the sweaters and scarfs that I frog for this site, my husband Ben has a first love…no, not me….scarf modeling. It would be a crime not to share some of his more recent work here.

This is a scarf I knitted for my sister during the holiday season…okay, it was after the holiday season, but in my heart, it was the holiday season still.

I know what you are thinking, this is scarf modeling 101…but wait, he is still warming up.

Now he’s showing something more moody, pensive even.

Now we are beyond moody and into love, a selfish love that only a man can have for his scarf.

Is Ben blowing kisses to his scarf at this point? Or is he showing that this scarf is as light as a feather? Who can know…except Ben perhaps.

And here we come to the end of the scarf modeling session. It certainly gone well, and I am sure that I am not alone in wanting more. And from the looks of it, Ben wants more as well. I am kind of surprised that he parted with the scarf and let me give it to my sister at all.   😉

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Introducing Ginger!!


Our most recent addition to the green frogger family is Ginger! She will be modeling and quality assurance testing all of our small sized sweaters. This one made the grade! It is
made out of a recycled, acrylic-blend yarn, so it’s washable and fabulous…

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Frogging my own stuff…


Hurts so much worse!

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